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Russia would not exist without its entrepreneurs. In any period, it is vital not just to create the most favourable conditions for business possible, but also to cultivate an integral part of the business environment – an entrepreneurial culture. Every region and every business executive has unique opportunities for developing their own companies and enterprises. Projects which help them to realise these opportunities are extremely important. Our goal is to show that whatever the external conditions may be, Russia is offering small and medium-sized businesses a positive future – and indeed a successful present.

Alexander Brechalov
President of the Civic Chamber

Small and medium business is the most promising sector of the economy today: a large proportion of available jobs are being created by entrepreneurs operating in this sphere. It is also one of the most dynamic sectors, where emotions run high, great things are achieved, successes are celebrated and hard times faced with stubborn determination. It is worth taking a look at all these moments captured on film, because they surpass words in the way they inspire you to believe in your dreams, to take risks, to create something new and get real pleasure from doing so.

Andrei Sharonov
President of the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO

To get an idea of Russian small and medium business, you need to explore the regions. Ours is a large country. The conditions for doing business vary significantly from region to region. Each has its own characteristics and has produced unique and interesting businesses. The Business Under the Lens photo project offers an opportunity to see and relate to these distinctive features without ever stepping beyond the boundaries of your own town or city. In a way, it provides a business map of the country. And on this map, the entrepreneur is not some faceless economic factor, but an individual with a personal story to tell, allowing us to get a sense of the huge commitment businesspeople make to transforming their environment.

Alexander Kalinin
President of OPORA RUSSIA, a non-governmental organisation for small and medium-sized business

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